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Espansi Tecnici S.r.l

Ours is the story of those who have made innovation their flag. We operate throughout the national and international territory, managing to reach our customers in a timely manner. A technical staff grown in the field alongside the designers of our most important customers, huge resources invested in technological innovation and research, a cutting-edge laboratory with the aim of always offering the best and the high quality of the materials chosen, make of Espansi Tecnici a dynamic, flexible and reliable company. Thanks to our ability to meet the various needs of customers, both qualitative and quantitative, we have gained the trust of companies of primary importance, becoming over time a real point of reference in the sector.



Limiting the spread of sound can be important in many environments. It is even more so when they are not homogeneous. Therefore the research work carried out upstream by our technical office is even more important. Finding increasingly high-performance materials while reducing their physical bulk is for us a stimulating challenge that we have always accepted to grasp....

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By Thermal Insulation we mean any operation and system that tends to reduce the heat flow of heat that is exchanged between two environments at different temperatures. For years Espansi Tecnici has been making substantial efforts to find, experiment and then put into production the best materials available on the market in order to achieve significant improvements. The fields of intervention are a...

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PRX 300 is a thermoplastic PET foam, 100% recyclable, characterized by a closed cell structure. The mechanical characteristics of this material make it suitable to replace the rigid materials used for the construction of warps in sandwich panels, including the wood now widely used. PRX 300 is compatible with all materials commonly used for insulation and with all types of adhesives normally used....

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Innovation is the word that fully sums up our work philosophy. We are very careful and vigilant about what the market offers, ready to deal with new technologies and processes. Our Plus is in the ability of our technicians to identify the most immediate materials interesting to use then combining them with our internal productions and obtaining.....

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In addition to the production of building materials, Espansi Tecnici takes care of the creation of interior fittings, collaborating with the designers during the project development phases and responding to individual needs in a specific and customized way. The multiple combinations of sandwich panels allow to reach different types of thickness, stability and finish. The possibility of combining expanded polystyrene with resins capable of increasing its solidity further expands the range of processes available to the customer. Espansi Tecnici is also an official retailer of the product crista-exe.

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