Stryrofoam By Dow

Stryrofoam By Dow 1

Thermal insulation


The extruded polystyrene foam (XPS) was developed and manufactured by DOW Chemical around forty years and, thanks to its excellent thermal insulation properties, it was soon imposed between the increased use of thermal insulation in construction and industrial applications.
The constant development of the material and the technology associated with its production, has led to a diverse range of products available, satisfying the needs of a wide range of specialized applications.STYROFOAM is produced in 25 factories, 13 of which are in Europe, following strict manufacturing standards and quality unified.
The range of products are divided in two categories, identified by the suffix "A", with the use of blowing agent CO2, and "X", with the use of HFC blowing agent that improves the performance insulating.
Espansi Tecnici partners with DOW for the processing to be performed on STYROFOAM boards designed for industrial applications.

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